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Our Services

STS 2000 offer a massive range of services; hover over each section to find out more:

> Project Management
Senior Project Managers ensure the successful implementation of your projects.
> Design Consultancy
Consultation to ensure correct design and end product requirements.
> Storage
Secure storage facilities at both our premises in Stevenage, 24 hour access. Component Parts are packed in accordance with current practices with bar code labelling providing fast identification.
A checklist is used to identify the contents of each package.
Goods-in procedures uniquely identify each package as it arrives to ensure traceability.
Goods-out procedures to track movement of equipment from our premises to site.
> Cable Manufacture
Assembly of cables, fly leads and cable looms.
> Fabrication
Fabrication services using an approved supplier.
> Painting
Painting of fabricated items.
> Repair
Stripping down and repairing PC Base Units, Monitors and Printers.
> Upgrade
Upgrading of EPOS equipment, both Software and Hardware.
> Mobile Workshop
Fully equipped workshop for all customer site modifications.
> Testing
All equipment goes through a rigorous test procedure. Standard tests include:
Personal Appliance Test
Virus Test
Physical examination
Classification of condition
Product specific diagnostics
All test results are recorded for auditing and traceability purposes and in accordance with your specifications.
> Cleaning
Cleaning involves the use of environmentally friendly cleaning fluids and includes the removal of marks and adhesives.
A record of the cleaning activity is kept for auditing and traceability purposes.
> Delivery
Delivery of required equipment from our premises to site.
> Installation
Unpacking and preparing the equipment.
Checking the equipment to site-specific requirements including the inspection and test of the Network Terminator Unit (NTU), in order to avoid aborted site installations.
Site survey of existing equipment including model, serial numbers (as a continuous audit of installed agent database), electrical safety test, virus checks, and act as an assistant where necessary.
A Senior Engineer will install all site specific equipment with assistance from the Technical Driver (TD).
> Commissioning
Senior Engineers commission your project installation and provide the necessary completion paperwork in a professional and timely manner.
> Decommissioning
The de-commissioning of on-site equipment.
> Collection
Collection service for decommissioned equipment.
Equipment is removed from site and taken to our facility in Stevenage.
> Scrapping
Faulty Component Parts are quarantined whilst awaiting approval to scrap. On receipt of approval the faulty component parts are scrapped using a suitably qualified contractor. A Certificate of Disposal is obtained and archived for future audit.
> Recycling
Where component parts of a faulty unit can be re-used the parts are extracted from the faulty unit, tested and stored for future use.
> Re-selling
STS 2000 uses its considerable skills in re-selling to find suitable buyers for any items or component parts which have economic value.
All sales are conducted in a way as to avoid degradation of the market value of the product. Experience has shown that STS 2000 can out perform an equipment “broker” by more than 150% by acting as a sales agent charging only a small commission of the revenue raised.